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Texas’ Bending Branch Winery Launches New Bourbon Brands

A bit of Kentucky bourbon heritage is alive and well in Texas’ Hill Country, as Bending Branch Winery is branching out into the brown spirit.

Bending Branch recently launched two new bourbon brands, Bending Branch 1840 and ChickenDuck.

“After successfully growing the Bending Branch reputation for quality, exceptional wines and experiences, we are excited to expand the Young family of beverage brands with the launch of outstanding bourbons from Kentucky,” said Alison Young, president and master blender of Bending Branch.

Bending Branch Bourbons
A bit of Kentucky bourbon heritage is alive and well in Texas’ Hill Country, as Bending Branch Winery is branching out into the brown spirit. (image via Bending Branch)

A statement from the new whiskey outfit notes that Bending Branch 1840 features premium Kentucky straight bourbon and high rye bourbon whiskeys, aged for a minimum of four years in new American charred oak barrels.

Alison, along with Bending Branch CEO Bob Young, have sourced those whiskeys over the past two years for additional aging and bottling in Texas.

Bending Branch 1840 pays homage to the year the Bending Branch Winery property was settled and to the original log cabin home on the property.

The first two 1840 bourbons offered from Bending Branch are a high rye bourbon and a four-grain mash bill bourbon.

The blender’s notes show the high rye bourbon to offer aromas of vanilla, orangesicle and crème brûlée with caramel and orange cordial on the palate. It clocks in at 108 proof and has a suggested retail price of $75.

The four-grain bourbon features a unique mash bill created by Bob Young. It’s a small batch blend of three barrels, bottled at barrel strength of 109 proof. The bourbon carries the taste of vanilla buttercream. Less than 600 bottles are available and it sells for $95.

ChickenDuck is the other new bourbon launch, named after two of the original chickens and ducks that roamed the vineyard managing pests and entertaining guests. ChickenDuck bourbons are 100% aged on the Bending Branch property in Comfort, Texas.

The company’s notes explain that the environmental impact of ChickenDuck is less than traditional bourbon whiskeys because of the extraction technology, reduction in barrel storage time and associated costs, and it’s almost complete reduction in evaporation loss (the Angel’s Share) compared to bourbons aged a minimum of four years.

The first ChickenDuck bourbon releases are a high rye bourbon and a wheated bourbon. The high rye has aromas of brown sugar, baking spices and molasses and opens to sassafras and cracked pepper on the finish.

The wheated bourbon has aromas of a cedar chest and vanilla, and it follows through with caramelized sugar and buttery toffee notes.

Both ChickenDuck bourbons retail for $42 and are available at Bending Branch, soon to be offered in Texas retail stores.

Bending Branch was co-founded in 2009 by winemaker Bob Young and his wife Brenda, with their daughter Alison. They’ve used innovative winemaking processes to get the most out of Texas grapes, including cryo-maceration and flash détente to improve the color, structure and flavor of red wines.

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