Savannah Bourbon Co. Heats Up Georgia With New Bourbons

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / February 10, 2014

savannah-bourbonAs I talked about earlier this month bourbon, though something we typically think of as coming from Kentucky, really can herald from any state that has the ingredients on hand to produce it. One of the Bluegrass State’s neighbors to the south, Georgia, now has a bourbon to call its own, courtesy of Savannah Bourbon Co.

This upstart distillery in Georgia produces what looks to be a young bourbon made from an eight grain mash bill that includes Georgia coastal rye, red winter wheat and Silver Queen corn. This latter item, the dominant grain I assume if this is a true bourbon, comes from local farmers, and since it is a sweet, white corn variety, lends itself well to a taste profile that’s said to hold notes of cinnamon and vanilla.

Early looks at this Savannah 88 bourbon from local writers give it strong thumbs up, with one commenting it is “pleasing with aromatics that are sweet…black pepper and cinnamon. On the palate…a peppery hint of rye and tangy Tupelo honey.” That is in strong contrast to “craft whiskey makers [that] seem currently obsessed with complex, Scotchy flavor profiles.”

Now, being as this is the South, it would make sense to have a sweet tea bourbon, right? That’s what the folks at Savannah Bourbon seemed to think well, as they also have Sweet Tea Lemonade, which basically takes their premium bourbon and infuses it with “all-natural tea and spring citrus.” Not necessarily my cup of sweet tea, but it could work well I imagine as a nice summer drink over ice on a hot Georgia night.

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As for pricing and availability, you need to be in Georgia for the time being to get hold of either. The 88 proof 88 Bourbon retails for close to $30 for a 750 ml bottle, which is around the same price point for the sweet tea infusion offering.