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Russell’s Reserve 2002 Bourbon Continues Vintage Dated Series

By Nino Marchetti / June 26, 2018

Russell’s Reserve whiskey, put forth by the Wild Turkey distillery in Kentucky, is a brand the father and son distilling duo of Jimmy and Eddie Russell take great pride in producing. Normally a smaller batch offering, it has seen over the years some run away hits such as a 1998 vintage dated bottling. The latter Russell is now looking to follow up upon its success with the introduction of Russell’s Reserve 2002.

Russell’s Reserve 2002, according to those behind it, was hand selected by Eddie Russell after searching through more than a half million barrels over several years to find a sequel to the 1998 offering. It is said a mere 25 barrels were chosen for the newest release, a 15 year old bourbon that’s the first non-chill filtered, barrel proof expression from this brand.

Russell's Reserve 2002

Russell’s Reserve 2002 (image via Wild Turkey)

“When I tasted 2002 for the first time, I knew I couldn’t mess with it,” said Eddie Russell in a prepared statement. “It was exactly what I had envisioned, and I wanted bourbon connoisseurs and collectors to experience the liquid in all its glory. The sweet spot for our Bourbon is normally eight-to-12 years, but every now and then you find a barrel that defies expectations.”

Plans call for this 114.6 proof Kentucky bourbon to be released in limited numbers in TX, OH, CA, FL, NY, NC, Il, OR, GA, TN, WA, AZ, NV and KY for around $250 a bottle. Limited official tasting notes suggest “a nose of stone fruits, pear, citrus, oak and a hint of white pepper. It features notes of grapefruit, white chocolate and gentle spice with a finish that is long and malty with notes of cream, banana and coconut.”