Ranger Creek .36 Texas Bourbon Yet Another Lone Star State Whiskey

Ranger Creek .36 Texas BourbonRanger Creek Brewing & Distilling, based in San Antonio, Texas, is one of the top tier craft whiskey producers in the state. As a combination brewery/distillery, it is known for using much of the same equipment to make beer and bourbon from as many local ingredients as it can.

We’ve reviewed a few of their expressions before, with pretty favorable results, so it should be no surprise then we are looking forward to trying their most recent .36 Texas Bourbon barrel aging experiment.

The Ranger Creek .36 Texas Bourbon, which will be a year-round release for the distillery starting this coming April, is still a limited edition release for the moment. This particular bottling follows previous variants which were found in their Small Caliber Series and Single Barrel lines. What exactly makes the three different you might wonder? According to Ranger Creek,

.36 Small Caliber Series is a small batch bourbon aged in innovative small barrels and packaged in small 375 ml bottles. .36 Single Barrel is aged in one hand selected, large barrel and is packaged in traditional 750 ml bottles. This .36 Texas Bourbon is a small batch bourbon aged in traditional large barrels and packaged in 750 ml bottles.

Plans call for this bourbon to be targeted as a collector’s item, pricing upwards of $60 each. One thousand bottles will be available in this run, with each being hand numbered to identify them as the first batch of this whiskey ever made. They will go on sale in November, sold through Ranger Creek’s gift shop as well as select retailers in Texas.

For the curious, “Ranger Creek .36 is named after the .36 Patterson Colt revolver. This innovative weapon was the first commercial repeating shot revolver of its kind, and it was widely used by the Texas Rangers as a key tool to help defend the Texas frontier.”

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