Pura Vida Tequila Owner Announces New Whiskey Distillery In Texas Hill Country

The company known for its award-winning Pura Vida tequila, Frontier Spirits, announced recently the buildout of a new whiskey distillery campus in the heart of Texas Hill Country, in between downtown Fredericksburg, Luckenbach and Stonewall.

The facility will produce the brand Luckenbach Road Whiskey, described as a high end artisanal whiskey based in a tradition and history dating back more than 100 years. Visitors at the center will be able to try samples of Luckenbach Road Whiskey products in its tasting room, and the distillery will be situated on 117 acres of land and has room for expansion. 

“Caring about what’s in the bottle begins with caring about what’s outside of it. We know everything about our operation must be top-notch, from the people that join our team to the way we grow our grains,” Frontier Spirits’ Chairman and Founder Stewart Skloss said in a prepared statement. 

Luckenbach Road Whiskey distillery

A rendering of the Luckenbach Road Whiskey distillery (image via Frontier Spirits)

The family behind the forthcoming distillery has long standing roots in the area, first dating back to 1718 when the ninth great-grandparents of Skloss first moved from Spain to what later would become Central Texas.

The third great-grandfather, Heinrich “Henry” Ochs, immigrated to Fredericksburg, Texas from Germany in 1851. Ochs became one of the town’s first teachers and later a County Clerk and founder of the Buckhorn Saloon in Fredericksburg. The saloon was one of the first in the area and became a popular spot among locals.

A “premium whiskey” recipe that was at the heart of the Buckhorn operations will be become the centerpiece of the new, 28,000-square-foot facility, world class tasting room and charming country store called Little Peach. As part of this, the distillery is said to have been working closely with Texas A&M University Department of Soil and Crop Sciences to maximize and develop crops specific to the site’s climate and growing conditions. What this translates into is the creation and cultivating of blue, Indian, purple, red and yellow corns, along with wheat, barley and rye all of which will be used to make the brand’s whiskey.

Luckenbach Road Whiskey began tastings in 2019 and has continuously refined its flavor until bottling of what they feel is the perfect whiskey began earlier in 2021.

Jason “Rev” Brand, who has been making whiskey for more than 10 years, has taken up the mantle of Managing Director and Head Distiller for Luckenbach Road. He stems from what’s said to be a long line of whiskey makers and considers making whiskey “an art form.” He is keen on the German-made distillation equipment the company is using to produce their product. 


Hannah Kanik

Hannah Kanik is a freelance writer from California. Two years ago, she found herself drinking Scottish whisky atop Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and found her love for whisky and its storytelling side-effects.