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Orphan Barrel Archive Collection Brings Together Greatest Diageo Hits

The Diageo Orphan Barrel project, now ongoing for several years, has resulted in some incredibly old “found” whiskey being dug up from rather dusty barrels to be sold in nice looking bottles with some slick labels. Not all of it has been the best of the best out there, however, but it has proven apparently popular enough an endeavor for the spirits giant to begin offering six of the bottles in a collectible group known as the Orphan Barrel Archive Collection.

Orphan Barrel Archive Collection

The Orphan Barrel Archive Collection, according to Diageo, features six variants of bottlings from the larger pool of whiskeys, some of which have come and gone already in the market. More details on each selection can be found below from its creator and, as for the packaging, it consists of a custom wood finished crate with a front panel that opens and folds back to reveal the bottles. Its padded interior is stamped with the various Orphan Barrel icons.

  • BarterhouseA Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged 20 years and the inaugural Orphan Barrel release. The elegant flavors are reminiscent of warm spice, biscuit and buttercream.
  • Old BlowhardOnce thought to be gone for good, select inventory of this 26 year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey was reserved for this limited-release offering. The exuberant flavors have undertones of smoke and honey, followed by a gentle orange peel finish.
  • Lost ProphetAnother long-time favorite Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey aged 22 years. Known for tasting notes of spice cake, vanilla and leather, ending with a smoky finish.
  • Rhetoric 21-Year-OldThe second release of the progressive Rhetoric series and a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The whiskey begins with an oaky and leathery nose hinting of vanilla, caramel and honey, with a long, woody finish.
  • Forged OakThis statuesque Kentucky Straight Bourbon spent 15 contemplative years resting in charred American oak.  Forged Oak tastes of seasoned woody notes of cocoa and young berries with a long, dry finish of black pepper.
  • Whoop & HollerOne of the newest Orphan Barrels and the oldest at 28 years old. This American Whisky has notes of corn kernel and tobacco with a bright citrus peel and honey.

The Archive Collection is currently available only in Kentucky and prices for around $1,500.

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