Old Forester’s ‘Warehouse K’ The Latest Bourbon From The 117 Series

| August 18, 2021

Old Forester recently announced it is releasing the second expression in the 117 Series, a blend of barrels from historic Warehouse K.

The 117 Series is a limited-expression lineup that debuted this spring, directed by the palate of Old Forester Master Taster Jackie Zykan.

The whiskeys are the first Old Forester bourbons to feature a woman’s signature on the bottle when they debuted with a high angel’s share release in April, now followed by the “Warehouse K” release.

Old Forester Warehouse K

Old Forester Warehouse K (image via Brown-Forman)

This release is sold in 375mL bottles and is crafted to pay homage to Old Forester’s homeplace located on Whiskey Row in Louisville, Kentucky.

Zykan said in a prepared statement that in the world of Old Forester brand fans and bourbon connoisseurs, Warehouse K has gained a cult following for featuring a blend of barrels aged on different floors.

She noted that the 117 Series: “Warehouse K” features a blend of barrels aged on different floors from a particular warehouse known to produce exceptional liquid. Built in 1953, Warehouse K employs the old-fashioned method of heat-cycling and has long said to have been one of Old Forester’s go-to places for single barrel expressions.

“Warehouse K … a blend across multiple floors and locations within this warehouse, gives a more holistic example of the profile its barrels yield,” she said.

Old Forester Warehouse K is bottled at 110 proof and is available at the retail shop at Old Forester Distilling Co. for $49.99 in limited quantities, and at select Kentucky stores. Official tasting notes are below.

  • Color: Rich honey
  • Aroma: On the nose, creamy chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar lead, with a hint of golden raisin and a foreshadowing of the pepper the finish will unveil.
  • Taste: The palate brings with it a full-bodied and rich viscosity, peripheral spice, and a touch of black cherry alongside bitter molasses.
  • Finish: The robust yet balanced spice finish completes the story of the well-known complexity which is the K warehouse.
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