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Old Elk Distillery Reveals Infinity Whiskey Bottle

Old Elk Distillery recently unveiled a new limited edition expression, the Old Elk Infinity Blend, created by Master Distiller Greg Metze.

The Infinity Blend is the marriage of Old Elk’s signature high malt bourbon with two classic and vintage Kentucky bourbons. It is available just in time for the holidays.

Metze paired what’s described as the smooth characteristics of Old Elk Bourbon with the exceptional maturity notes and classic profiles of the Kentucky bourbons.

Old Elk Infinity Blend
Old Elk Infinity Blend (image via Old Elk)

The Blend is made of 60% six-year-old Elk Blended Straight Bourbon, 24% 12-year-old Kentucky Vintage and 16% 11-year-old Kentucky Vintage. The Infinity Blend is a nod to the current whiskey enthusiasts creating their own infinity bottles. Old Elk Distillery plans to use this blend for future releases and the process will continue annually.

“The Infinity bottle concept is something you’re familiar with if you’re into whiskey – people are experimenting with their own bottles at home, and we wanted to give them something to add to their collection,” said Luis Gonzalez, CEO of Old Elk Distillery, in a prepared statement. “This particular expression speaks to our team’s interest and creativity to create our very own version of an Infinity bottle, led by our flagship bourbon and blended with Kentucky vintage bourbons, for our company and brand. We are inspired daily by Greg, his influence on the industry to date, what he’s created, and also the promise of the future core products and innovative blends of Old Elk.”

Metze said this is his best blend yet. 

“You don’t know it until you see it,” said Metze while reflecting on the blending process of Infinity Blend. “I started with 60% of Old Elk’s Blended Straight Bourbon and adjusted the other two accordingly until I finally found the blend that represents what I feel might be my best work to date. I am incredibly proud to say Old Elk is my legacy, and now with the Infinity Blend it has never been more true.”

The Old Elk Infinity Blend will be a national limited release, pricing at $149.99 per 750 ml bottle.

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Hannah Kanik

Hannah Kanik is a freelance writer from California. Two years ago, she found herself drinking Scottish whisky atop Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh and found her love for whisky and its storytelling side-effects.

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