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Ohio’s Watershed Distillery Brings Forth Its Most Mature Bourbon To Date

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / September 8, 2020

As craft distilleries across the United States continue to get older, so too does their aging stocks of whiskey. It is thus interesting to see as whiskey making operations across the country announce in greater numbers the release of whiskeys that over five years in age, with one of the latest in this regard being Ohio’s Watershed Distillery.

The new Watershed Barrel Strength Bourbon, according to those behind it, is a cask strength offering that’s been aged for six years and finished in barrels that previously held apple brandy. It is the distillery’s oldest expression to date as well as its first every barrel strength offering, being released “in honor of the brand’s 10-year anniversary as an independent Ohio distillery.”

Watershed Barrel Strength Bourbon

Watershed Barrel Strength Bourbon (image via Watershed Distillery)

“We’ve been working on this bourbon for quite some time now,” said Watershed Distillery’s CEO Greg Lehman in a prepared statement. “But our work has paid off as this spirit exceeds all of our expectations — rich on the nose, balanced on the palate with a crisp red apple finish from the apple brandy barrel.

“It’s truly a unique bourbon, and I know I speak for the whole team when I say we can’t wait for our supporters and craft spirits fans to get their hands on a bottle.”

As it stands now plans call for this bourbon, bottled at 119.3 proof, to be released later this month for around $70 per 750 ml bottle. It will be available on a very limited basis in Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky and Michigan. Limited official tasting notes suggest “aromas of baked apples and toasted almonds with flavors of warm baking spices, dark fruit and caramel and ends with a crisp red apple finish and medium mouthfeel.”


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