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North Carolina’s Lonerider Spirits Debuts A Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon

By Nino Marchetti / October 29, 2018

The world of craft spirits in North Carolina, like so many other states these days, continues to be an evolution in progress. More distilleries are opening up, presenting their in house or sourced products to consumers for consideration across a range of categories, including whiskey. One of the latest of these is Lonerider Spirits, which just debuted a sherry cask finished bourbon.

The Lonerider Sherry Cask Finish Whiskey, according to those behind it, is the first “in-market” bourbon whiskey for the area of Raleigh in North Carolina. It is a high rye bourbon style, sporting a mash bill that’s 60% corn, 36% rye and 4% malted barley. It is non-age statement in nature, having first been aged in new American oak followed by a finishing period in ex-sherry cask.

Lonerider Sherry Cask Finish Whiskey

Lonerider Sherry Cask Finish Whiskey (image via Lonerider Spirits)

“The maverick look and feel of the Lonerider Spirits brand and products translates well toward today’s new audience of modern whiskey drinkers,” said Chris Mielke, president of Lonerider Spirits, in a prepared statement. “We aren’t trying to appeal to the old-school whiskey snobs, but instead to those who are open to trying new things and enjoy great tasting, quality, premium whiskey from a local craft provider.”

This new bourbon, bottled at 90 proof, is initially being released in just North Carolina. Expansion plans for it next year include distribution in eight other states where the distillery’s sibling company Lonerider Brewing already has a presence. Very official limited tasting notes suggest “notes of candied fruit and toffee on the nose, waffle cone and cacao in the body, and a peppery oak finish.”


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