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Next Buffalo Trace O.F.C. Bourbon Heralds From 1993

By Nino Marchetti / December 5, 2018

The O.F.C. line of bourbons, as we’ve touched upon in the past, is a classy and pricey way for Kentucky’s Buffalo Trace distillery to showcase some of its older American whiskeys. The distillery released earlier this year, for example, three vintage bottlings, the oldest of which was from 1985. Now the ongoing series is back for a 2018 holiday release in the form of a bourbon from 1993.

The Buffalo Trace 1993 O.F.C. Vintage Bourbon, according to those behind it, was laid down back in a period when The X-Files debuted on national television and the movie Jurassic Park broke box office records. Slumbering for some 25 years, it is being made available in a wooden display box containing a provenance card. Inside the wooden box lies a crystal bottle with real copper lettering in-laid in the bottle with a hand applied paper label. The label on the back of the bottle notes the milestones for the year 1993. The provenance card contains the same information found on the back label.

Buffalo Trace 1993 O.F.C. Vintage Bourbon

Buffalo Trace 1993 O.F.C. Vintage Bourbon (image via Buffalo Trace)

“It’s hard to believe that the same year this bourbon was made, in 1993, the world wide web was just becoming a ‘thing,’ and introduced to the public domain,” said Harlen Wheatley, Buffalo Trace master distiller, in a prepared statement. “Now when you think of how far everything has come, from a technology standpoint to bourbon’s popularity again, it’s mind blowing. What’s really amazing is how solid this bourbon is, and how the taste and integrity have held up. It’s a real tribute to Elmer and Gary Gayheart and the rest of the team at the Distillery for this vintage to have this consistency and taste this good after aging for 25 years.”

Plans call for the 1993 Vintage to price around $2,500. Official limited tasting notes suggest “a nose of dark cherry, honey, and smoked oak. On the palate, notes of caramel, toasted vanilla, and cocoa are found. For the finish, coffee, maple syrup and oak linger.”


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