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Newest Blood Oath Bourbon Is Influenced By Cognac Barrels

The Blood Oath bourbon series from Lux Row Distillers out of Kentucky, as we’ve explored over the years, gives Lux Row head distiller John Rempe the chance to do some experimentation with aged bourbon blending and cask finishing. For this time around he’s combined three selected bourbons, including one that was rested in ex-cognac casks.

The new Blood Oath Pact No. 6, according to those behind it, brings together ” a 14-year ryed bourbon with notes of oak and leather, melded with an 8-year warm toasty ryed bourbon and complemented them with a 7-year ryed bourbon rested in cognac casks.” It is then bottled at 98.6 proof.

“This particular pact is special in that the cognac barrels added some sweetness and a slight fruity, brandy flavor to the bourbon, creating an amazing taste profile,” said Rempe in a prepared statement. “When selecting these bourbons, I wanted to see how these flavors meshed together and I have to say the result was spectacular.

Blood Oath Pact No. 6
Blood Oath Pact No. 6 (image via Lux Row Distillers)

“The Blood Oath series launched in 2015 and it’s hard to believe we have already created more than half a decade of Pacts. I’m honored to see consumers searching for the new release every year and get as excited as I am when a new Pact hits the shelves.”

As with all the other expressions, Pact No. 6 is a limited edition, with only 17,000 cases being produced and sold globally. It is packaged in an intricate wooden display box, with the 750 ml bottle being topped with a natural cork and emblazoned with Rempe’s signature.

Should you seek a bottle out, expect to pay around $100. You’ll find some limited official tasting notes below for your consideration.

  • Nose: Light caramel and toasted sugar
  • Palate: Spiced raisins and dark berries
  • Finish: Crème brulee
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