New York Distillery Start Up Millbrook Unveils Its First Bourbon

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / December 29, 2013

1533965_251400971691769_2059946413_nThe world of craft spirits in the United States continues to expand at exponential proportions, particularly with regards to everyone wanting to get in on the lucrative whiskey market. One of the latest is in the Hudson Valley region of New York, where distillery start up Millbrook Distillery has just opened shop and released to the market its first bourbon.

The Dutchess Private Reserve, according to Millbrook, is a 90 proof straight bourbon offering that, at first glance, doesn’t clearly indicate whether it is sourced or distilled on site. What is indicated by them is that it is “crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients including natural spring water from Rolling Hills Farm, located in historic Hudson Valley, New York.” So it may well be a from scratch product – if I hear from the distillery I’ll update this post as to what specifically the bourbon’s origin story is.

As for what you get in the bottle, notes from the distillers indicate it to offer “a beautiful bouquet of spice and honey with gentle notes of vanilla coming out to provide for a smooth finish.” It will initially be available in New York, expanding to neighboring states early next year. Though there’s no indication of pricing, I’ve seen it online for around $33.

Moving beyond this initial bourbon, Millbrook plans next year to release a barrel strength bourbon, followed by a rye in 2015. The distillery may be one to watch, as they’ve already gotten some big media play focused on their first release.