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New Willett 8 Year Wheated Bourbon Sneaks Into Retail

Willett is one of those sort of under the radar distilleries in Kentucky that once you know about it you become a huge fan. A storied whiskey making facility on the outskirts of Bardstown, known brands in their stable include Willett Pot Still Reserve, Willett Family Estate, Johnny Drum, Old Bardstown, Noah’s Mill, Rowan’s Creek, Pure Kentucky and Kentucky Vintage.

Joining them now is Willett Wheated 8 Year Bourbon.

Just out to market now, Willett has, at the time of this posting, not released a ton of details on this new expression. What is known we are scraping together from online liquor retailers, forums and a new page on this whiskey that’s appeared at some point recently on the distillery’s website.

Willett Wheated 8 Year Bourbon
The first release of 8 year old Willett Wheated Bourbon, distilled in the early Spring of 2013 and bottled in the Summer of 2022, is now appearing at retail. (image via Willett)

Off the bat it is interesting to note that the bottle this wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is housed in seems to take quite a different look and feel from the more generic bottles of Willett’s flagship products. More upscale in consideration, the black glass and golden colored letting suggest a higher premium market targeting.

As for specs on this new offering:

  • Distilled from a mixture of corn, wheat, and malted barley
  • proprietary mix of grains includes a little wheat for sweetness and some barley for depth
  • aged in Char# 4 American Oak
  • non chill-filtered
  • 115 proof
  • distilled in the early Spring of 2013
  • bottled in the Summer of 2022

It was mentioned over in the reddit r/bourbon forum last month that suggested retail price on this looks to be around $259. Taking a look around online at some of the liquor retailers already carrying this showcases quickly that actual prices for it are already hundreds of dollars above that. One can only imagine how the secondary market will run with this.

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