New Whiskey Websites Whisky Quotes, DustyBid Are Useful

With the explosion in interest around whiskey in recent times there is a strong push online for new services to help consumers research and handle rarer bottles they may own or wish to acquire. Two recent, but unrelated, new whiskey websites that are just debuting aim to target these individuals.

The first site, Whisky Quotes, is more on the research side of the rare bottle equation. It is said to be a forum for the “gathering and presenting” of market information on “rare, collectible and investment” whiskey bottles. Making use of data pulled from major online auctions, the service will track 1000+ collectible bottles, with information on each of these bottles being updated after each auction.

Whisky Quotes

image via Whisky Quotes

Whisky Quotes, which is still in development but soon to be open to early beta use, will feature a searchable database of the whiskies it is tracking, providing to those who access it quotes, charts and other details on each bottle. Users will be able to build a “portfolio” and track performance, helping one make informed decisions on when it might be the best time to put up a bottle for auction.

Now, if the decision is made to put your whiskey into auction circles, the second just announced new online service may be a place to check out. Known as DustyBid, it is a website targeting “whiskey lovers and connoisseurs” that takes the form of a marketplace where one can “buy/sell” liquor related items and merchandise.


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Basic listings on DustyBid look to cost nothing for now, though there are additional options one can purchase to enhance how their whiskey bottle appears for sale. It should be noted DustyBid does not actually take possession of what you are selling, instead acting as a sort of eBay for whiskey listings – in the site’s terms and conditions it notes it is

not a traditional auctioneer.  The actual contract for sale is directly between the Sellers and Buyers and in connection with each transaction, Buyer and Seller jointly and severally represent that they will purchase and receive all Products in compliance with all applicable laws, including, without limitation, the alcoholic beverage control laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside, and that such Products will be used only in a lawful manner.

Also, it is noted:

To the extent any Products contain alcohol, such sales are prohibited except to the extent that:

The Product is a collectible container and the sole item of value in such posting is the collectible container, not the contents;

The posting contains the following disclaimer “The value of the item is in the collectible container, not the contents, and any incidental contents are not intended for consumption.  Buyer and Seller assume sole responsibility for the transaction and shall ensure that the sale complies with all applicable laws.”

The Seller engages a common carrier that requires that an adult 21 years of age or older sign for the Product upon receipt.

Interesting. Not passing judgement on this, just saying interesting. DustyBid, by the way, was mentioned in a recent newsletter from BottleBlueBook, a site focused on tracking non-traditional (i.e. non-liquor store) sales of different whiskey categories. It links heavily to DustyBid, so I’ll guess at this point it is run by the same outfit.

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