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New Walker’s Cay Bourbon Made For Fishermen, By Fishermen

It’s made in Kentucky, but inspired by the Bahamas. King Spirits is brewing up Walker’s Cay, a bourbon that, like the Bahamian island of its namesake, looks to be what’s described by the brand as fitting the fisherman’s lifestyle for inspiration … sophisticated yet humble.

The story of Walker’s Cay Bourbon started with a father and son on a fishing boat off the coast of Florida. Walker’s Cay co-founder, Steven Busch, grew up in the brewing industry, working alongside his father, August A. Busch III. Yes, that Busch family.

Busch explained that as a nod to his family’s brewing heritage, Walker’s Cay Bourbon is small batch and aged in new Missouri oak barrels, having further been finished on sherry cask staves for a rich and balanced taste, which he said imparts warm vanilla and sweet undertones.

Walker's Cay Bourbon
Walker’s Cay Bourbon (image via King Spirits)

The bourbon is handcrafted at Green River Distillery in Kentucky, one of the oldest in that state. The mash bill is 70 percent Kentucky corn, 21 percent winter rye, and 9 percent malted barley.

The distiller’s official tasting notes on this bourbon show a nose of chocolate, fig, vanilla and toasted oak. It tastes of oak, grain, vanilla and a hint of pepper. It finishes with chocolate, fig and subtle spices. It clocks in at 90 proof.

Walker’s Cay Bourbon is purpose made by fishermen, for fishermen, Busch said. The team partnered with Carey Chen, fishing adventurer and globally acclaimed marine artist, to create art for the new bourbon to honor the iconic sport of fishing and connect with the people who love it.

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