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New Minnesota Bourbon Emerges From Phillips Distilling Company

By Nino Marchetti / June 28, 2018

Phillips Distilling Company out of Minnesota is known for being that region’s oldest spirits company that deals with both domestic and imported whiskies, among other products. They look as well as if they are wanting to partake in the craft whiskey space, having recently teamed with that state’s first craft distillery on a new bourbon.

Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon, according to those behind it, is a collaboration between Philips and Panther Distillery. The inaugural batch of it, bottled at 93 proof, consists of a mash bill of “short summer” corn and red winter wheat. It is said it was subject during aging in oak barrels over four years to a varied climate in north Minnesota, consisting of cold winters and hot summers.

Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon

Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon (image via Phillips Distilling Company)

“Distilling bourbon requires a combination of patience, learning and high-quality ingredients to help create the perfect flavor profile,” said Phillips Distilling CEO Mike Duggan in a prepared statement. “We’ve been using our cold winters and hot summers to our advantage, resulting in what we believe is the perfect batch of bourbon. We are looking forward to having true bourbon lovers experience the uniquely smooth taste that comes from our distinct aging process. Born and rested in Minnesota with a natural chilling process makes Douglas & Todd the bourbon that brings its own ice.”

Plans call for Douglas & Todd to be available in limited supply in select markets across the country for a price of around $40 a bottle. You’ll find very limited official tasting notes below. The brand name, by the way, signifies two historic Minnesota counties, Douglas and Todd, where ingredients are sourced from local farms, and the product is distilled and aged.

The end product offers a sweet, smoky, woody character, with a hint of fruit and vanilla at the finish.