New Buffalo Trace Bourbon A Thing Of Six Grains Of Organic Goodness

The Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection, in its continuing and ongoing mission of exposing whiskey drinkers to some of the many weird experiments going on at this Kentucky distillery, has a new bourbon on its hands this week. It isn’t just any old whiskey mind you, but rather an expression that’s made from half a dozen different grain types, all of which are said to be organic in nature.

The new Buffalo Trace Organic Six Grain Whiskey, according to the distillery, was crafted from six different organic grain types, including corn, buckwheat, brown rice, sorghum, wheat and rice. While the exact percentages of each were not revealed, what is known is that it is at least 51 percent corn in order to keep its bourbon label designation.

 Buffalo Trace Organic Six Grain Whiskey

This bourbon was initially distilled on Buffalo Trace’s experimental micro-still to 130 proof white dog, before being put into eight, new charred white oak barrels. These barrels were then laid to rest in the distillery’s Warehouse H on the third floor for seven years and one month, before the contents in them were then chill filtered and bottled at 90 proof. These barrels, by the way, were part of more than 14,000 experimental barrels of whiskey aging around the distillery grounds.

Very limited tasting notes from Buffalo Trace suggest Organic Six Grain Whiskey to be “very complex, with slight herbal tones, heavy wood tannins, and earthy notes, accompanied by a spicy aftertaste that rounds out the comprehensive flavor.” Should you seek out a bottle, expect to drop around $47 for a 375 ml bottle when it hits store shelves starting this month.

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