New Barrell Bourbon Batch 5 A Nearly 125 Proof Monster

New Barrell Bourbon Batch 5 A Nearly 125 Proof Monster

By Nino Marchetti / August 25, 2015

Barrell Bourbon Batch 005It’s been awhile since we looked in on independent American whiskey bottler Barrell. The company is mostly known for bottling different bourbon offerings, though an American whiskey it batched up earlier this year recently won top praise in Whisky Advocate magazine. They are out now with batch five of their bourbon, with it clocking in as the highest octane release to date.

Barrell Bourbon Batch 5, distilled in Tennessee, was aged for a little over eight years in charred white oak barrels before being bottled at a extremely hearty cask strength of 124.7 proof. Its mash bill indicates a stronger on the rye side bourbon, consisting of 70% corn, 26% rye and 4% malted barley.

Official tasting notes for this latest bourbon from Barrell are below for your consideration. As for where to pick up a bottle, it is just now coming into Oregon, Tennessee and Massachusetts. It should be hitting other states where they distribute soon.

Toasted cornbread with dollops of whipped sweet cream and stone fruit preserves greet each sip. Magnificent swirls of fresh picked cherries and spicy, bittersweet hot chocolate amble across the back of the tongue. The broad-brush strokes of cinnamon-laced apple butter pensively reveal crushed pink peppercorns. A mere prickle from the 124.7 Proof alcohol leads head over heels into the lengthy finish redolent of fresh corn on the cob dressed in salted butter.

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