Nevada 150 Straight Bourbon Gambles On Craft Spirit Love In Vegas

nevada150bourbonLas Vegas, aka Sin City, just seems to be a ripe place for a distillery. It is surprising therefore to not already see a host of whiskey making operations having set up shop there. Not that Las Vegas Distillery likely minds as this gives them the spotlight for in-state sales of what’s said to be Nevada’s first ever bourbon.

Unveiled back in June to celebrate Nevada’s 150th anniversary of its admission into the United States, Nevada 150 Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a limited edition release in the amount of 2,014 numbered bottles. It was aged for around two years in new American white oak barrels and made up from a recipe that was 60% Nevada yellow corn, 20% Nevada soft white winter wheat, 16% malted barley and 4% rye. The grains for it came from in-state, California and Montana.

Barreled at 120 proof and later bottled at 90 proof, a single bottle of Nevada 150 will set you back $100. You can order it online, but to actually get your bottle you’ll need to visit the distillery in Henderson.