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MGP Set To Add Third Release In Its Annual Remus Repeal Series

By Nino Marchetti / September 10, 2019

The MGP distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, has long been known as a primary source for many a whiskey label or brand in need of aged spirit they themselves have yet not produced. There’s also been a movement there in recent years to bring forth bottlings under their own branding, most notable of which has been the ongoing Remus Repeal Reserve Series. The next expression of this has recently been announced, known as Remus Repeal Reserve Series III.

Remus Repeal Reserve Series III, according to those behind it, follows in the normal signature high-rye style of the greater series. This time around the MGP distillery team chose a a medley of two mash bills from 2007/2008. It is comprised of 12%, 2007 bourbon (21% rye); 78%, 2008 bourbon (21% rye); and 10%, 2008 bourbon (36% rye). The whiskey is bottled at 100 proof.

“We’re privileged to have some of the country’s most extensive, aged bourbons, and are continuing to build our limited release program every year,” said Andrew Mansinne, Vice President of Brands, MGP, in a prepared statement. “Remus Repeal Reserve is now in its third year and delivers a bold, high-rye profile that weaves the best of our 2007/2008 bourbons into a beautifully smooth style.”

Remus Repeal Reserve Series III

Remus Repeal Reserve Series III (image via MGP)

Plans call for this bourbon to be released on November 13, the birthdate of brand namesake George Remus. It will price around $85 per 750 ml bottle. It follows on the heels of what has been a somewhat busy year for MGP and its brands in terms of releases, which have included news of Eight & Sand Blended Bourbon, the premium Remus Volstead Reserve and a new single barrel Rossville Union Barrel Select program.

Limited official tasting notes for Remus Repeal Reserve Series III suggest a complex aroma that “reveals maple with caramel, candied fruit, chocolate, baking spice, smoke and leather with a balanced palate of caramelized brown spice and a hint of rye on the finish.”