Maker’s Mark New Wood Finishing City Series Heads To Global Travel Retail

| November 18, 2022

Maker’s Mark recently announced two new Global Travel Retail whiskeys from their newest Wood Finishing Series, the City Series.

The travel retail exclusive whiskeys launch with New York City and Sydney, and new, limited-edition city releases will be added over the coming years.

A statement from Maker’s Mark explains that to experience a city, one has to know its insiders. To kick off the City Series, Maker’s Mark recruited various individuals to serve as their city spirit guides.

Maker's Mark New York Bottle

Maker’s Mark recently announced two new Global Travel Retail whiskeys from their newest Wood Finishing Series, the City Series. (image via Maker’s Mark)

With every Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series whiskey, the distiller had a flavor goal in mind, where the liquid is meant to evoke the essence and nuances of the place the people live and love.

New York Edition

The taste vision for the New York Edition, according to those behind it, was born from the goal of capturing the excitement of a person’s first trip to the “city that never sleeps.”

For this whiskey, flavor experts Erina Yoshida and Justin Ottevanger created a bold and complex expression with layers of spice, oak and dark chocolate. Clocking in at 107.8 proof, the limited-edition bourbon has a long finish.

Sydney Edition

With the help of Sydney insiders Sam Egerton and Jordan Toft, this expression of Maker’s Mark is meant to pay homage to the people, culture and palate of the city. The whiskey comes in at 110.8 proof, and its notes are fruit-forward.

The New York and Sydney Editions are part of a series that’s the result of more than a decade of wood-science expertise, exploring the influence of oak and agriculture on bourbon’s wide-ranging taste profiles.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to bring a taste of our distillery in Loretto, Kentucky to the Global Travel Retail market through the new City Series,” said Rob Samuels, chief distillery officer at Maker’s Mark, and grandson of the founders.

“Just as my grandparents sat down with a taste vision in mind when creating Maker’s Mark, partnering with Erina and Justin in New York and Sam and Jordan in Sydney to create bourbons that embodied their cities resulted in delicious new whiskies that are a true adventure of their own,” he added.

Both the Maker’s Mark Wood Finishing Series New York and Sydney Editions are now available at Global Travel Retail. The New York Edition is sold at John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 1 for a suggested retail price of $95 USD. And the Sydney Edition is available at Sydney Terminal 1 for $140 AUD.

Each terminal has curated Maker’s Mark boutiques to sell the new whiskeys with various experiential components such as screen-printing.

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