Legendary Actress Ava Gardner Now Has A Bourbon Named After Her

By Nino Kilgore-Marchetti / September 23, 2020

Ava Gardner is considered to be an extremely legendary actress from her era. Born on December 24, 1922 in Grabtown, North Carolina, her career spanned over four decades. It is said her role “as Kitty Collins in the 1946 classic The Killers cemented her as the iconic symbol of the Film Noir era.” Now a North Carolina distillery is set to unveil a bourbon named after her.

The new Ava Gardner Select Bourbon Whiskey, according to those behind it, is being produced by Seven Jars Distillery in partnership with the Ava Gardner Trust and Legacy Talent and Entertainment. It is being released as a 101 proof whiskey, with 3,600 bottles being made available packaged in individual boxes, each bearing the image of Gardner in the role of  Collins.  Additional releases will be available in the future, with each bearing different images of Ava Gardner and each having a unique flavor profile.

Ava Gardner Select Bourbon Whiskey

Ava Gardner Select Bourbon Whiskey (image via Seven Jars)

“I know that Ava is pleased to have her own whiskey,” said Ava Thompson,  Ava Gardner’s Great Niece and Trustee of the Ava Gardner Trust, in a prepared statement.  “She always enjoyed top-shelf whiskey, and so our agents at Legacy Talent approached Seven Jars Distillery about a partnership.  

“The result was not only a premium whiskey that deserves Ava’s brand, but a way for us to continue to bring amazing bourbon to Ava’s fans worldwide while creating a rare, keepsake memento at the same time.”

“The opportunity to work with the brand of a Hollywood legend like Ava Gardner is a dream come true for us,” added Del Ratcliffe, Managing Partner of Seven Jars Distillery. “Our goal with Seven Jars Distillery has always been to tell the story of our parents, while sharing some really great spirits. 

“They both adored Ava Gardner, and the synergy between Ava’s story, her history, and our heritage here at Seven Jars is remarkable.”

Plans call for this bourbon to become available beginning October 16 primarily in North Carolina, with other unmentioned markets having limited availability. No price was mentioned, and as for official tasting notes, what’s spelled out by the brand is that “smooth and flavorful, with just the right amount of ‘kick.'”


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