Knob Creek Teams Up With Jesse Israel For The Bourbon Reflection Series

Knob Creek Bourbon recently teamed up with Founder of The Big Quiet Jesse Israel to help whiskey fans all around reflect and renew in the New Year with the new Bourbon Reflection series.

The IGTV video series consists of three reflection experiences narrated by Israel, with cameos from the Beam Family’s 7th Generation Master Distiller Fred Noe, as well as images from the Knob Creek distillery and bourbon-making process. Each video focuses on a topic intrinsic to the values of Knob Creek Bourbon brand, with the purpose of encouraging those who share the bourbon’s work ethic to make time to reward themselves along the way.

The Value of Hard Work

The Value of Hard Work (image via Beam-Suntory)

“After a hectic year, more than ever, we could all use a moment to take a deep breath and renew,” Israel said in a prepared statement. “I know what it means to work hard, but also know the importance of balancing that work with moments to reset and recharge. The values that Fred and his team uphold when crafting Knob Creek inspire me, as their standards and hard work reflect the same principles people are navigating as they continue to find balance in their lives.”

The first episode, “The Value of Hard Work,” is  five-minutes and stands as a guide to helping fans find the balance between working hard and resting. The second episode, “Leaving a Legacy,” follows as a six-minute reflection, prompting fans to consider the legacy they want to leave behind instead of just working to survive the day. The series finishes off with its third episode “Reward Yourself,” a six-minute reflection using a guided relaxation technique to help fans reflect and reward themselves during hard times.

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“Through the years of crafting Knob Creek Bourbon to bring out the biggest flavor and quality possible, I’ve learned hard work only matters if we enjoy our lives and reward ourselves along the way,” Noe added. “So, I hope our Bourbon Reflection video experiences provide a much-needed reward to all other hard workers right now.”