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Kings County Distillery Releases Bottled-in-Bond Craft Bourbon

By Nino Marchetti / March 19, 2017

Kings County Bottled-in-Bond BourbonThe world of bottled-in-bond bourbons is one you think is either worth the specifics this whiskey goes through to get this designation, or one in which you think it is just extra hype with little value on the overall product. Whatever the case, this type of bourbon used to be more the focus of traditional Kentucky distilleries, but of late an increasing number of older craft distilleries have entered the game with their own bonded offerings. Now Kings County Distillery out of Brooklyn is getting into the game for the first time outside of its facility with an allocated release of Kings County Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon.

Kings County Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon, according to the distillery, meets the requirement for being called bottled-in-bond in that it is aged at least four years, is exactly 100 proof, and is distilled by one distiller, at one distillery, from one distilling season. What’s specific to this bottling is as follows:

  • Made from the standard distillery bourbon mash bill of 80% New York State organic corn and 20% English malt
  • twice distilled in 26-gallon pot stills back in the fall of 2012
  • entered into charred, new-oak 15-gallon barrels at 116 proof
  • 9 barrels selected for this release
  • blended into a batch this past December
  • Total yield was 40 cases of 24 375ml bottles each with a 40% angel’s share

Plans call for this bourbon to be available in allocated quantities in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, DC, Delaware, Oregon, Kentucky, and Tennessee. No immediate price was given, and you’ll find official tasting notes from Kings County Distillery below for your consideration.

A pungent nose of corn, hay, and peppery spice gives way to a richly textured flavor with notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and molasses. This is the most barrel-forward of all the whiskeys in Kings County’s portfolio, but with the richness and complexity that best complement a whiskey after four years in oak. 


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