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Kentucky’s Prohibition Craft Spirits Debuts A New Bourbon

By Nino Marchetti / May 29, 2020

Prohibition Craft Spirits (PCS) is a pretty small spirits brand by Kentucky standards, having been founded in just 2016. It is also not a distillery immediately known for bourbon like many of its neighbors in the state, instead focusing upon Reposado tequila as its flagship product. It is Kentucky though, so it also makes sense to have some kind of whiskey in the line up, which is what PCS recently announced they now have.

NULU Straight Bourbon Single Barrel, according to those behind it, is, for the time being, being taken from “carefully selected barrels of MGP Bourbon” while PCS’ own distillate rests. The bourbon is uncut and unfiltered, and it is said each one of their straight bourbon whiskey barrels “will be unique and flavorful.”

NULU Straight Bourbon Single Barrel

NULU Straight Bourbon Single Barrel (image via Prohibition Craft Spirits)

“That means you get to taste exactly what comes out of the barrel and it’s not easy to find that feature on the shelf,” said Harrison Hyden, head distiller with Prohibition Craft Spirits, in a prepared statement.

PCS noted that, when branding the NULU Bourbon, it set out to educate the public about prohibition and show off Louisville, Kentucky’s roots, which is where it is located. “Our labels are all named after local neighborhoods and we want to show our pride in our city and how it has really been a part of prohibition,” added Hyden.

Plans call for this bourbon to be available to purchase at the distillery’s gift shop and bar, as well as an increasing number of retailers across Kentucky. No immediate mention was given of price or official tasting notes.

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