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Kentucky Peerless Distilling Releases A Double Oak Bourbon

Kentucky Peerless Distilling Company has announced the release of its new Peerless Double Oak Bourbon.

Kentucky Peerless, the brand said, started crafting Double Oak whiskeys with the original intention of rescuing whiskey from a leaky barrel. When a barrel has a leak that cannot be repaired, the whiskey is transferred into a new charred oak barrel. By exposing the whiskey to a second barrel, the whiskey develops a new complexity.

“With the amazing response to our very limited Double Oak program to date, we have decided to improve the quality and accessibility of the product,” Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn said in a prepared statement. “Where in the past we would leave things up to chance, we are now intentionally curating barrels to become Double Oak.”

Peerless Double Oak Bourbon
Peerless Double Oak Bourbon (image via Kentucky Peerless Distilling)

Kilburn shares that the tasting notes reflect the characteristics of both barrels, and the tasting team is looking for prominent grain, fruit and herbaceous characteristics, including spicy oak, cinnamon, honey and leather as the more pronounced elements, says the release.

The Peerless family’s first bourbon went into a barrel in 1889 and since then, they have accumulated a variety of awards for the distillery’s bottlings, including the following:

2017 Awards
Tricor Braun’s Spirits Division Package of the Year
Small Batch Rye named Top 20 Most Exciting Whiskies of the Year by Whisky Advocate Magazine

2018 Awards
Small Batch Rye named Top 5 Best American Whiskey in Forbes magazine

2019 Awards
“Craft Producer of the Year” for the Americas by Whisky Magazine
“Global Craft Producer of the Year” by Whisky Magazine

2020 Awards
Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon named “Best Kentucky Bourbon” by World Whiskies Awards
Peerless Small Batch Kentucky Straight Rye awarded Category Gold for Rye 12 Years and
Under by Whisky Magazine
Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn was a finalist for best distiller by Whisky Magazine
Peerless was among the 12 final nominees for best distillery tour by Whisky Magazine

2021 Awards
Small Batch Bourbon received 92 points from Wine Enthusiast magazine
Small Batch Rye received 93 points from Wine Enthusiast magazine

Peerless Double Oak Bourbon will be available in Kentucky, California, Illinois, Florida and New York. More information about the distillery and its new bottling can be found on its website.

Allyson Nichols

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