Journeyman Distillery's Kissing Cousins Gets Wine Barrel Treatment

Journeyman Distillery Kissing CousinsJourneyman Distillery out of Three Oaks, Michigan is getting ready later this month for the annual release of its limited edition Kissing Cousins Whiskey. This whiskey, finished in a special wine cask provided by a Michigan winery, will price around $35 per 375 ml bottle.

Kissing Cousins, according to Journeyman, started out as the distillery’s Featherbone Bourbon offering, having been aged for just one year in new American oak barrels. A portion of it was then transferred into a former cabernet sauvignon barrel provided by Wyncroft Winery for finishing for one additional year.

The extra time spent in the wine barrel, noted the distillery, “adds complex, deep earth notes to the vanilla, spice and sweetness of the bourbon.” Just over 700 bottles of it are being released beginning on May 22, with roughly half of these going on sale at Journeyman. The rest will be sold through retailers in California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.