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Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon Ready For Its Big Debut

BgJenapIUAAu_ev.jpg-largeWhether you love or hate the Jim Beam American bourbon brand, you can’t help but be in awe of how much influence this label has on the domestic spirits market. It is one of the best selling bourbons in the world and, despite its large size, manages to net some noteworthy awards for its various whiskey offerings. One new one which has just debuted to grand fanfare will likely continue to raise Beam popularity, and it is known as Jim Beam Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Jim Beam Single Barrel, at the time of this article being written, had just starting showing up at the distillery’s very popular American Stillhouse in Kentucky, with plans for it to spread across the U.S. in short order after that. What you are basically getting in the 750 ml bottle is the cream of the crop of Beam barrels, with specific casks being hand selected for this expression, resulting in less than 1 percent of all of the whiskey produced by Beam being used in what will be on store shelves.

Bottled at 95 proof, and costing around $35 per bottle, tasting notes from Jim Beam indicate its single barrel offering, colored golden amber, to have an aroma that “has a rich, oaky vanilla background with a light spiciness” and a taste that is “full-bodied with sweet, rich, well-balanced attributes of oak, vanilla and caramel.”

As for the age, word around the whiskey world is that it is between four and seven years old. Early reviews of the Single Barrel so far seem to be pretty positive as well.

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