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Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon Gets Even More Singular

Jim Beam Single Barrel Buy A BarrelDo you really love Jim Beam bourbon? Do you love it enough you would trust the judgement of your local liquor store to have a unique batch of it for sale right around the corner from you? You will soon have the chance to try this model out, as I’ve just found out Beam is going in a new direction with its single barrel bourbon, bringing to your local liquor store a single barrel selection program retailers can partake in.

This new “Buy a Barrel” program’s primary focus will be putting unique barrel (no two are are alike it is said) bottlings of Beam bourbon in front of retail customers in different stores. The concept of single barrel whiskies being chosen by retailers for sale to their customers, also known as private barrels, is certainly nothing new, but given the love interest people have for Jim Beam I expect it will likely become the most popular of such offerings.

Retail customers will have two options, according to Beam, for selecting their unique single barrel offering:

  • Tasting Kit– Retail customers receive three unique barrel samples, all approved by Fred Noe (who hinted about this program awhile back), 7th Generation Master Distiller, and his team via mail for tasting and selection. Included in this mailer will be a premium wooden, keepsake sample box and informative keepsake brochure which tells consumers about the Jim Beam Single Barrel, Barrel Program, specifics about their samples, as well as the process of selecting their barrel.
  • Distiller’s Choice– a unique barrel is selected for you by our expert Jim Beam distillers.

Once the retail customers decide which samples they would like to purchase they then contact their Beam sales rep or go online to place their order, at which time “the liquid will then be bottled and shipped for the customer to sell at their respective store.” I’ll spare you the details of what goes into all of this ordering process, expect to say if your retailer orders 34 6-bottle cases, or the equivalent of one barrel, they get a ton of whiskey related extras along with the bourbon to display.

If you want your local liquor store to get in on this I suggest you bug the owner about it next time you are in to buy some bourbon.

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Nino Kilgore-Marchetti

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