Jim Beam High Rye, Whole Rolled Oat Bourbons Appear In Retail

| April 20, 2015

beam-highryeJim Beam, amongst the vast number of bourbon bottlings they have, tinkers somewhat more on the craft side with some of its releases. This is most evident in its “Signature Craft Harvest” line up, which works with obscure grains and non-traditional recipes in create so-called “outside the barrel” experiments. The first two offerings came out last fall in the form of soft red wheat and brown rice bourbons, and now Beam has quietly shipped to retail the next expressions from this collection.

The new Jim Beam Signature Craft High Rye and Whole Rolled Oat Bourbons, each pricing around $50 for a 375 ml bottle, are both now available in what’s termed as “extremely small quantities.” The High Rye, according to Beam, is a medium body whiskey, bottled at 45% ABV, that was aged for around 11 years. Limited tasting notes indicate this amber colored bourbon’s taste to be “a spicy yet sweet taste with caramelized oak” and its aroma to have “rye spiciness and rich oak smoke.”

The Whole Rolled Oat, meanwhile, is also 90 proof and 11 years in age. It is more light bodied, and has a golden honey to amber color. Its official tasting notes indicate “a slightly sweet taste that is mellow yet carries a distinct toasted graininess” and an aroma which is “sweet, nutty and delivers notes of toasted grain.”

Two more Signature Craft Harvest releases – Triticale and Six Row Barley – are planned for September as the final bottles from this collection.

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