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It’s Bourbon Night: Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey Blind Flight Fight

Editor’s Note: The Whiskey Wash welcomes It’s Bourbon Night, a YouTube channel content team focused on all things bourbon. We will be an additional platform for their videos to be displayed on.

It’s the Battle of the Beams! We started with new Jim Beam Single Barrel at 108 proof, Distiller’s Cut at 100, Bonded at 100, and Devil’s Cut at 90 and then asked you all what we should add as a 5th. Your answer was the Double Oak at 86 proof, and so our Flight Fight begins!

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It's Bourbon Night

Co-hosted by two Kentuckians, Chad & Sara Perkins, It's Bourbon Night has created over 400 unique videos on YouTube in the past four years & and has the largest subscribership for a channel that deals exclusively with Bourbon & American Rye. Their shows feature reviews, event & lifestyle coverage, blind flights, & weekly interactive Live Streams. In 2018, they founded, a whiskey merchandise company.

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