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Hood River Distillers Releases Trail’s End 10-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Hood River Distillers out of Oregon recently unveiled the newest addition to its Trail’s End Bourbon portfolio: the Trail’s End 10. 

This new addition to the Trail’s End family was made with 10-year Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in Oregon Garry oak casks. The Garry Oak casks are said to heighten the notes of vanilla and spice.

Trail’s End 10 is the second whiskey collaboration between Hood River Distillers, the oldest distillery in Oregon, and the expert team at Clear Creek Distillery, which is owned by Hood River.

Trail's End 10
Trail’s End 10 (image via Hood River Distillers)

On the nose, according to official tasting notes, Trail’s End 10 offers aromas of vanilla, caramel and cherry with warm summer pine at the end. The palate has caramel, vanilla, cherry and roasted corn with a foundation of warm, earthy notes of summer pine and high desert moss. Bitter orange and delicate hints of lilac are hidden by the vanilla and oak.

This new expression is currently available in Oregon and Washington and will be introduced to additional states in the future with a suggested retail price of $59.95 at 52.5% ABV/105 proof.

Hood River Distillers was founded in 1934 and headquartered in Hood River, Oregon. It is the northwest’s largest and oldest importer, distiller, producer, bottler and marketer of distilled spirits. 

Its line up includes Timberline Vodka, Big Gin, Batanga Tequila, Easy Rider Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Trail’s End Bourbon, Clear Creek, McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt, Sinfire Whiskies, Lucid Absinthe Supérieure, ULLR Nordic Libation, Yazi Ginger Vodka, Lewis and Clark, HRD Vodka, and the complete line of the Monarch distilled spirits are distributed across the country.

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