Growing Distillers on the Family Farm with the Hubers of Starlight Distillery [Bourbon Pursuit Podcast #275]

We’re joined by Ted, Christian, and Blake to talk about the family history on the farm that led them to have DSP-IN-31, which is a super super low number when it comes to a distilled spirits producer. We take a few twists, but there is one thing we came away with and that’s how this family never settles with a single recipe, single barrel entry proof, single cooperage, or even a single distiller.

These three take turns at the helm steering their bourbon in a new direction. After recording, we went to the warehouse and tasted 12 or 15 different barrels and not one of the two was alike. Make sure you try a single barrel selection from Starlight Distillery and you will know what I’m talking about.

Show Notes:

  • This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about media packages.
  • Would you rather be an astronaut or an olympic gold medalist?
  • Talk about the history of the farm and distillery.
  • What law allowed MGP to operate as a distillery?
  • Talk about your brandy.
  • What were the learning curves when transitioning from brandy to whiskey?
  • Tell us about the bourbon.
  • What’s the difference between a brandy still and a whiskey still?
  • Why do you use so many different cooperages?
  • Is there a better time of year to pull barrels?
  • Tell us about your corn varieties.
  • Talk about your latest releases.
  • What is Carl T.?

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