Goose Island Beer Co. Announces New Line Of Canned Whiskey Cocktails

, | November 5, 2021

Goose Island Beer Co’s brewers have been experimenting and blending with bourbon barrels for the better part of 30 years. The brewery recently decided to take it a step further and create some canned bourbon cocktails as ready to go drinks. 

The new Goose Island Craft Cocktails are made with MGP-sourced three-year-old bourbon, which is said by the brand to help elevate the taste and replicate some of the most delicious cocktails from master bartenders. 

Each cocktail is 9% alcohol by volume and will be $15.99 per 4-pack of 12oz cans. They can be drunk straight from the can or over ice.

Goose Island Craft Cocktails

Goose Island Craft Cocktails (image via Goose Island)

Blackberry Smash is described as their nod to a perfect cocktail sipper. It’s fruit-forward and fizzy, made with blackberries, a slightly spicy, rye bourbon backbone and just enough mint to refresh and unwind after a long day.

The Old Fashioned Highball is made with light and bubbly flavors. It starts with the rye bourbon complexity, with a touch of bitters, cane sugar and a wisp of orange and cherry to round it out.

The Whiskey Sour canned cocktail has subtle sweetness,tart and spicy flavors with a balance of rye bourbon, lemon and lime, and a subtle maraschino cherry finish. 

“For more than two decades we have been leading the way in the barrel-aged beer category with Bourbon County Stout and now we’re bringing that experience to our own line of ready-to-drink, premium craft cocktails. We like to say that our team is just as much bourbon drinkers as we are beer drinkers and I’m really excited about the quality we’re bringing to the market with these cocktails. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do. Cheers!”  Todd Ahsmann, President, Goose Island Beer Co. said in a prepared statement.

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The Goose Island Craft Cocktails are available this month in and around Chicago.

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