Gold Bar Whiskey Is Back With A New Cask Strength Bourbon

A few years back we told you about Gold Bar Whiskey, a rather curious release that was decent tasting, but really more notable for the fact it came housed inside a special decanter designed to literally look like a gold bar. Said brand is now back, calling themselves the Gold Bar Spirits Company and having recently released a new cask strength bourbon in a much more normal looking bottle.

The new Gold Bar Rickhouse Bourbon, according to those behind it, is a cask strength offering that takes the form of a 103 proof straight bourbon that was finished with French oak staves. The whiskey was triple copper pot distilled from a mash bill of 80 percent corn and 20 percent rye, making use of “California’s legendary Hetch Hetchy water” in a nod to the brand’s Bay Area roots.

Gold Bar Rickhouse Bourbon

Gold Bar Rickhouse Bourbon (image via Gold Bar Spirits Company)

“When creating Rickhouse Bourbon, we worked to blend a whiskey that could hold its own on the bar next to the luxury Gold Bar portfolio,” said Gold Bar Master Blender, Montgomery Paulsen, in a prepared statement. “The result is a unique 103 proof ruby-copper colored, complex Bourbon that over-delivers in rich, warming, and balanced flavors. A perfect sip, worthy of the Gold Bar coin.”

Gold Bar’s latest whiskey, now out to market, is pricing around $35 per 750 ml bottle. You’ll find some official tasting notes below and, as for the name Rickhouse, it is said to be a nod to “the warehouse used for storing barrels of aging whiskey.”

  • Appearance: Ruby copper
  • Nose: Robust toffee and molasses, rich coffee and subtle tobacco
  • Palate: Complex oak opens with rich flavors of coffee, and subtly sweet layers of chocolate and burnt sugar
  • Finish: Rich, warming and balanced between dry and lingering sweetness


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