Whiskey Gift Guide: Whiskey Stocking Stuffers

33-glassesThe days before Christmas are dwindling fast—are you ready?

No matter how prepared you are, I think everybody could use a few more whiskey stocking stuffers. And besides, if you don’t end up giving them away, you get to keep them for yourself. Here are our favorite picks for little gifts that make a big impact:

33 Books Tasting Journals

Log, track, and review all your favorite whiskeys in a pocket-sized, design-forward tasting journal from Portland-based 33 Books. Choose between a general whiskey tasting book or one that’s specially designed for Scotch. Inside, each page has spots for the whiskey name, vital stats, notes, and your rating, as well as a tasting wheel and “color meter.”

Whiskey Stones

For drinkers who like their whiskey cold but not diluted, whiskey stones are the way to go. These elegant little cubes keep spirits chilled without adding water, plus they look cool in your glass.

Whisky Diluting Dropper

There’s nothing worse than accidentally over-diluting whiskey when you’re trying to add just a drop or two of water. End that problem for good with a hand-blown Glass Whisky Diluting Dropper from Angels’ Share. Packaged in a velvet-lined case and adorned with an adorable little still on the top, this dropper makes adding just a drop easy and stylish. And as an added bonus, using it makes you feel a little bit like a mad scientist.

Old Limestone Bourbon Mixing Water

Earlier this year, we discovered that yes, the type of water you use to dilute your whiskey really does matter. The bourbon aficionados in your life are sure to appreciate the chance to taste bourbon as it was meant to be served: with a few drops of true limestone water.

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Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible 2017

Love him or hate him, Jim Murray’s opinion still carries a lot of weight in the whiskey world, even if the cover of this year’s installment looks like a goth Glamour Shot gone wrong (seriously, what’s up with that stare?). With notes on over 4,500 whiskeys, this is a comprehensive reference, and its compact format slides nicely into a stocking.


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