Georgia Distillery Brings New Bourbon Offering To The South

| January 22, 2015

sidetrackEditor’s Note: The Whiskey Wash welcomes Lindsay Brandon to our writing staff!

Just northwest of Atlanta, Georgia you’ll find the picturesque sleepy southern town of Kennesaw, which also happens to be home to Lazy Guy Distillery.  A near one-man operation, Lazy Guy Distillery is anything but as it has been busy churning out production of its Side Track bourbon, released in celebration of the recent Prohibition Repeal Day last month.

This first-generation small batch distillery creates classically southern whiskey with local ingredients (from their Kennesaw Lightning corn whiskey to their Threesome corn, wheat and barley blend).  But, as the demand in America grows for bourbon spirits and craft cocktails, Lazy Guy decided it was time to get in on the game.

The 90 proof (45% alcohol by volume) bourbon whiskey has the signature rich amber color derived from slow aging in oak barrels.  Lazy Guy’s new whiskey calls for 395 lbs of Georgia corn grain, 198 lbs of wheat and 66 lbs of barley, or the perfect balance to create a perfect Georgia-style bourbon, according to the distillery.

Tasting notes from Lazy Guy indicate the bourbon having “a mellow corn sweetness nose,” followed on the palate by a “hint of caramel, oak and vanilla character” that gives way to a “woody oak finish.” Side Track was aged in American new oak charred barrels for approximately nine months for this first release.

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