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Garrison Brothers Releases Laguna Madre 2022, An 8 Year Old Texas Bourbon

At a recent distillery event, Texas’ Garrison Brothers Distillery released the 2022 Laguna Madre, its rarest Texas straight bourbon whiskey.

For this release, Master Distiller Donnis Todd noted that a total of 1,014 bottles are going out across the U.S. now.

The first release of Laguna Madre was officially added to the Garrison Brothers’ portfolio in 2020, and was used to launch Operation Crush Covid-19, which brought donations to the non-profit Good Bourbon for a Good Cause.

Laguna Madre 2022
Laguna Madre 2022 (image via Garrison Brothers)

More than $400,000 was raised to help Team Rubicon and the local hospitality community rebuild their lives during the pandemic.

For this new expression, the distiller’s notes show the 2022 Laguna Madre took a total of eight years to age, split between two barrels … aged four years in white American oak and finished four years in Limousin oak casks.

The French barrels, when toasted, offer flavors of woody vanilla, sweet candy cacao and white chocolate resulting in a bourbon with a creamy finish.

The 101-proof whiskey offers tasting notes of root beer, vanilla bean, hazelnut, saltwater taffy with a chocolatey candy finish.

Each bottle is housed in a custom-built display case and is hand signed and numbered by Master Distiller Donnis Todd.

“Beautiful four-year-old Garrison Brothers bourbon finished in new French oak for four years … well worth the wait,” Todd said in a prepared statement.

Laguna Madre is named after the Texas Gulf Coast’s blue waters and the coastal life. It was awarded Double Gold at the 2021 World Spirits Competition and Gold in the 2021 USA Spirits Ratings earning 90 points.

Laguna Madre will be available at limited select bars, restaurants and retailers nationwide by the end of May.

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