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Four Roses Bourbon Updates Namesake Bottle Design

By Nino Marchetti / January 27, 2018

The iconic Four Roses Bourbon bottle design has long been a staple look for bourbon drinkers, sitting on the bar either in a cocktail environment or at home. All good things must change at some point, however, including the design, so to this end the distillery has unveiled a new look.

The new Four Roses Bourbon bottle, according to those behind it, was designed to maintain consistency, in color and style, with the brand’s other signature products–Four Roses Small Batch and Four Roses Single Barrel. It features a wood top and cork finish, as well as all new labels. The brand’s rose cluster continues to be prominently featured both on the label as well as embossed in the glass.

“I’ve always believed this is an exceptional Bourbon and I am excited to offer it in a new package that better reflects the elegant, smooth and mellow character of the liquid inside,” said Master Distiller Brent Elliott in a prepared statement. “The Bourbon itself will be unchanged. We will continue to use the same formulation and age of liquid to create the same, classic and consistent flavor that has made this a long-time favorite with our consumers.”

Four Roses said it expects the new bottle design to roll out to retailers in spring 2018.

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