Four Kings Bourbon Whiskey Collaboration Unites Four Top American Craft Distilleries

10149835_732434086787754_2059387383_nOne of the great things you like to see in a young start up industry is collaboration. That is very clearly evident in a new blended bourbon just unveiled by four of the top craft distilleries in the Midwest, all of which I’m a huge fan of. Get ready for the limited release of “Four Kings” Bourbon Whiskey from Corsair Distillery in Nashville, Tennessee; Few Spirits in Evanston, Illinois; Journeyman Distilling in Three Oaks, Michigan and Mississippi River Distilling Company in LeClaire, Iowa.

The four distilleries are said to each have contributed 30 gallons of whiskey that was blended into the final bottling, which will debut in Chicago during that city’s “Whiskey Week Chicago 2014” in late April. It will be unveiled through retailer Binny’s, and one can expect there to be roughly 600 bottles available for purchase.

Mississippi River Distilling coordinated the blending of this special whiskey last fall. Though most of the contributions were bourbons, Corsair decided to throw into half of its offering some smoked wheat whiskey. Due to what was described as “the different mash bills from the four distilleries,” what’s resulted is a unique blend of four grains:  corn, wheat, rye and barley.

I’m awaiting to hear from one of the distilleries on tasting notes (for tasting notes see below) and price (around $50 a bottle),  but expect this to sell out quickly. Future plans call for more collaborations in blends from the four, with perhaps a rye or “something completely different” under consideration for as early as next year.

Tasting notes from Few Spirits – “The whiskey itself is fantastic, with nice hints of smoke in the background and a nice spiciness for a bourbon. The smoke and spice play with the bourbon sweetness with a bit of marzipan, and makes me wish I had a cigar, sitting by a campfire.”

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