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Four Gate Whiskey Company Unveils Sherry/Rum Cask Finished Bourbon

By Katelyn Best / May 28, 2019

Louisville, Kentucky-based Four Gate Whiskey Company has unveiled their inaugural release, an eleven-year-old straight bourbon finished in sherry-rum casks.

Four Gate, which was founded in 2018, looks to be positioning itself as a premium curator and blender rather than a distillery; in a prepared statement, the company announced it will release two to three batches of similarly sourced and blended whiskeys finished in unique barrels. When I say “premium,” I mean it—there’s no information on where this bourbon originated, but it comes with an eye-popping suggested retail price of $199.

Four Gate Bourbon

Four Gate Bourbon (image via Four Gate Whiskey Company)

The brand’s founders, Bill Straub and Bob D’Antony, collaborated with Kelvin Cooperage, a well known barrel maker, to source the finishing casks. The barrels they selected began life holding Spanish sherry, before being used for a batch of Caribbean rum, imparting fruity and syrupy notes to the final product.


This bourbon is bottled at 123.4 proof, although it’s not explicitly stated whether that’s barrel proof or not.

Four Gate’s tasting notes for this expression are as follows:





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