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Forgot Trump, Clinton – Vote Bourbon Instead With This Cool Lawn Sign

Did the final presidential debate last night make you raid your whiskey cabinet as you watched it? It did for me, no doubt. It has me thinking now about alternative candidates, particularly of the bourbon variety. After all, what whiskey isn’t more American then bourbon? That’s why therefore I propose we show our allegiance as whiskey citizens for Evan Williams and Elijah Craig, courtesy of these cool new lawn signs developed by Heaven Hill and Louisville-based Ashton Advertising.

Williams and Craig, according to the distillery, are running as independents. Keep in mind this is all fictional, of course, so if you actually vote for these two you could very well be throwing your vote away. That being said, this particular presidential election cycle seems like a bad movie script anyhow, so perhaps voting the bourbon ticket is actually the better way to go.

image via Heaven Hill

image via Heaven Hill

The signs, which are around $13 each, are for sale over at the Evan Williams website. What’s particularly cool about this is that proceeds from the sales will be donated to American military veterans’ charities. Here’s what one of the two candidates,  Mr. Williams, had to fictionally say about getting into the race:

“In the current political climate, Rev. Craig and I believe that America’s Future is grounded in our past. As forefathers of the American Whiskey movement, we are seriously good alternatives to the current candidates. Since 1783, I’ve believed that the best way to enjoy whiskey…is the way you like it.”

I would appeal to everyone’s sense of good taste and personal responsibility this evening, in particular. Tonight, enjoy an alternative to the incivility of the presidential campaign with me and perhaps a couple cubes of ice in front of the TV watching America’s pastime.”


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