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Filmland Spirits Releases New Film Focused Bourbon, Cask Strength Rye

Filmland Spirits, founded in 2020, has enthusiasm for whiskey, is passionate about movies, and is dedicated to storytelling.

The brand recently announced the debut of two new American whiskeys for their portfolio, “Town at the End of Tomorrow,” a 9-year-old Kentucky bourbon, and “Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut.”

Filmland calls the newest whiskeys “a wildly creative pairing of an original retro B-Movie concept … complete with monsters, robots and over-the-top plots … with a delicious and unique whiskey.”

Filmland Town at the End of Tomorrow
Filmland Spirits has enthusiasm for whiskey, is passionate about movies, and is dedicated to storytelling. It recently announced the debut of two new themed American whiskeys. (image via Filmland)

And the bottles tell part of the story, as they’re custom designed to reflect an art-deco style reminiscent of the movie houses of old and feature movie posters as labels.

For Town at the End of Tomorrow, the whiskey features a mash bill of 78% corn and 13% rye with 9% malted barley. It’s aged 9 years in American white oak barrels and clocks in at 94 proof (47% ABV).

As was explained, Town at the End of Tomorrow was inspired by their original B-movie concept and tells the story of a future overshadowed by bourbon shortages and the outlawing of spirits older than two years.

In the story, New Bardstown is now the center of the whiskey universe and home to distillers Connor and Emerald Cooper, who long for the finely aged bourbons of years gone by. Together, they travel back through time to the birth of America’s native spirit, where they must confront their teetotaling forefather Judge Barker in an epic battle for the bourbon ages.

You can watch the trailer here.

“Town at the End of Tomorrow is a celebration of bourbon’s past and future and to bring this tale to life, we knew we needed a Kentucky product,” said Troy Bolotnick, founder and CEO of Filmland Spirits. “We found a blockbuster liquid worthy of our concept and are thrilled to premiere it in Bardstown, Kentucky during the Bourbon Festival.”

Their Ryes of the Robots Extended Cut is a cask strength version that’s aged five years in American white oak, bottled at cask strength 108 Proof (54% ABV). It features a mash of 95% rye with 5% malted barley.

And there’s a trailer for it too, here.

The two new whiskeys will be available in California, Kentucky, Nevada, Washington, Arizona and Alaska and online.

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