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Fiddler Chin Music Bourbon Celebrates Atlanta Braves In Ongoing Whiskey Series

ASW Distillery recently released a new edition of its flagship Fiddler Bourbon line, called Fiddler Chin Music. The new bourbon commemorates the Atlanta Braves’ 2021 Major League Baseball Championship.

A statement from the distiller notes that the new expression finishes its wheated bourbon mash bill on staves of Georgia oak and notably on hand-charred maple bats from renowned Nashville bat manufacturers, Old Hickory Bat Company.

The bourbon, bottled at cask strength, features baseball imagery on the label, as this is the first in an ongoing series of Fiddler Chin Music releases celebrating the Atlanta Braves.

ASW Fiddler Chin Music
ASW Fiddler Chin Music (image via ASW)

Jim Chasteen and Charlie Thompson started ASW Distillery in 2011. Master Distiller Justin Manglitz joined his fellow University of Georgia alumni in 2015. And ASW was the first whiskey distillery in the city of Atlanta since Prohibition.

ASW’s portfolio includes Fiddler Bourbon, Resurgens Rye, Bustletown Vodka, and Winterville Gin.

“The Atlanta Braves have been such an integral part of Georgia history for over 50 years,” Chasteen said. “The state has likewise been home to a rich tradition in whiskey-making that we’ve been excited to help revive. Bringing these two traditions together is like a dream come true for us.”

He said the Atlanta Braves have created a community feel at The Battery Atlanta, and all their neighbors get to be part of something special.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the one-to-one correlation between the number of years we’ve had our location at The Battery Atlanta, and the number of World Championships the Braves have brought home to Atlanta while playing at Truist Park,” he added.

The World Champions Release of Fiddler Chin Music extends ASW Distillery’s relationship with the Atlanta Braves, as both a tenant of The Battery Atlanta development with ASW’s vodka/gin distillery and tasting room, and as an in-stadium sponsor with ASW’s branded Airstream bar on the Xfinity Rooftop Terrace overlooking right field.

The idea for Fiddler Chin Music took shape after the Braves front office bottled a private barrel of ASW’s bourbon prior to the 2021 MLB playoffs.

From that private barrel, ASW and the Braves decided to make the Braves Front Office’s selections more widely available. Derek Schiller, president and CEO of the Atlanta Braves, came up with the name Fiddler Chin Music in the first meeting the two organizations held about the project.

“This was an incredibly fun project with ASW creating a product that marries one of the best bourbons while adding a nod to baseball by infusing bats directly into the bourbon,” Schiller said. “Chin Music is a way to continue our World Championship celebration and we look forward to sharing it with our fans.”

The World Champions Release is made up of 4,000 bottles, available at bottle shops across Georgia, and in ASW Distillery’s three Atlanta tasting rooms, including The Battery Atlanta location.

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