Whiskey Auction Website DustyBid Shuts Down

Editor’s Note: A quick update – DustyBid, when contacted for further comment on this, had nothing further to elaborate on beyond what was in the email below.

And just like that, they were done. DustyBid, an online whiskey auction site based here in the US has shuttered. We first highlighted this interesting experiment in secondary market whiskey transactions when it debuted near the end of July, but as of the beginning of December they are no more.


DustyBid in better days (image via screen grab)

In a note put out to users of the site this afternoon, the DustyBid team had this to say of its decision to shutter operations:

DustyBid users,

I would like to start off by thanking each and everyone one of you for your loyalty at DustyBid. Unfortunately, when you get four minds together it becomes hard to have all four agree and we had been having quite a bit of conflict determining how to progress forward with our business model. There is no particular individual to blame as it was just a mesh of personalities and differences of business decisions. With that said we have decided to dissolve our partnership and therefore will be shutting down the operation of DustyBid.com.

In order to have this dissolution completed before the first of the year we will be closing all current listings and disallowing any new listings to be created, but we will be leaving the site up and running for enough time to have all previously closed auctions paid for and items to be received. We apologize for the disruption of service and we will be available to answer any questions/concerns at [email protected].

It has been a good run and we thank you all for your support,

Best regards,

And, indeed, a check of DustyBid reveals all listings are done and gone. We will attempt to reach out to the founders of the site to find out more of what happened. It is unfortunate this happened as the site seemed to be starting to gain some traction in traffic and usage as word spread of its existence.

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