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Craft Distillery Widow Jane Joins The Old And Rare Whiskey Game

By Nino Marchetti / September 4, 2019

The Widow Jane craft whiskey distillery, based in Brooklyn, New York, has long been known primarily as a sourced whiskey outfit that makes uses of older bourbon for its bottlings (they also produce their own whiskey, albeit somewhat younger at this stage). Some of what the distillery team has there is older than the rest, and it is from this stockpile that the new “The Vaults” collection has debuted.

The first release from this new The Vaults collection from Widow Jane, according to those behind it, is a described “marriage of 14-year and older Tennessee and Indiana bourbons drawn from 20 barrels hand-selected and meticulously blended by Head Distiller Lisa Wicker.”

This blended bourbon is than finished in “eight-year air-seasoned American oak casks,” said to be “significantly longer than is typical for this barrel seasoning technique” and something that “eliminates tannins and greenness in the wood.” Its influence on the flavor profile is reportedly one that is highlighted by a finish with “a campfire note.”

Widow Jane The Vaults 2019

Widow Jane The Vaults 2019 (image via Widow Jane)

“When some cooperage friends let me know they had eight-year-old air seasoned staves available,” said Wicker in a prepared statement, “I knew we had to work them into our whiskey’s genesis. As a result, the Vaults 2019 is our most captivating whiskey to date, worthy of a whiskey lover’s collection, but most importantly, their glass.”

Widow Jane The Vaults 2019 has been bottled at 49.5% ABV, which is amongst the highest proof whiskeys from the distillery to date. It is also among the most expensive, pricing at $150 per 750 bottle. Just over 500 cases of it are planned for release at retail in 18 states, including CA, IL, TX, FL, MA, NJ, AZ, CO & NY.

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