Corti Brothers Good Honest Whiskey Is As The Name Implies

Corti Brothers Good Honest WhiskeyAmong the vast California foodie landscape one of the most heralded places to connect yourself to are the Corti Brothers out of Sacramento. Started in 1947 by Italian brothers seeking to expand the “culinary experiences” of those around them, this mission overtime has stretched into the world of whiskey. A number of years back this brown spirit taste was focused upon their seven year old Exquisite Whiskey, and in more recent times a younger sibling of this has been released, the four year old Good Honest Whiskey.

Corti Brothers Good Honest Whiskey is a sourced bourbon which was distilled in 2012 and bottled just this spring. Most of the heavy lifting for this bottling has been handled by Amador Distillery, also out of California. The distillery took the Kentucky bourbon and finished it for Corti Brothers in Mission del Sol barrels, some of which were previously used to finish the Exquisite expression.

Given the sweet dessert characteristics of the Mission del Sol wine (it is no longer made today apparently), it is not surprising this finished bourbon is described in tasting notes from one prominent retailer as having a “slightly-sweetened profile.” The Mission del Sol wine casks once held a style of fortified wine which is closest in comparison to Angelica, for those who know wine, and so it makes sense for that taste expression to carry through to this young bourbon which rested in it for awhile.

Good Honest Whiskey has a mash bill that’s 70% corn, 25% rye, and 5% malted barley. It was bottled at 92 proof and, according to Corti Brothers, it’s ” a splendid whiskey for mixing in Manhattans, Old Fashions, and other Bourbon based drinks, but also wonderful by itself or with a drop of water and some ice.” It is available through some retailers in California right now, pricing around $50.

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