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Colorado Couple Launches New PurCellos1789 Small-Batch Bourbon

A Colorado couple is launching a new bourbon with an eye toward Valentine’s Day.

Tomeka and Herbert Purcell were looking to break into the bourbon industry, and they said they were seeking a place in the space where so few bourbon brands in the country are owned by African Americans.

“We want to reimagine the bourbon experience, but it was a bit intimidating,” Tomeka said in a prepared statement. “Bourbon is a sexy, luxurious spirit and creating such a masterpiece was definitely a labor of love for my husband and I.”

PurCellos1789 Bourbon
A Colorado couple has launched PurCellos1789 Bourbon, featuring what’s noted as warm spice and subtle flavors after being aged 30 months in 30-gallon new charred American white oak barrels. (image via PurCellos 1789)

Now, they’ve brought to market PurCellos1789, a small-batch bourbon that they say features warm spice and subtle flavors after being aged 30 months in 30-gallon new charred American white oak barrels.

The whiskey is distilled and bottled in Colorado Springs, Herbert said, noting that in this growing market, “PurCellos1789 was created for the reason many great brands are – to fill a need in the marketplace. We wanted to create a brand where couples can enjoy together.”

The couple look to raise a glass this Valentine’s Day to their love and commitment. “PurCellos1789 retails for $65, making high quality bourbon accessible to many enthusiasts, especially couples who want a rich, smooth cocktail together at dinner,” he added.

Tomeka hails from Winston Salem, North Carolina, which was founded in 1789. That’s where the name comes from.

“I created this brand for, frankly, women like me,” she explained. “It’s for a woman that wants something that isn’t harsh and might even want to enjoy a cigar along with it. I wanted a grown up, sexy and smooth taste and couldn’t find it. So, I created my own.”

PurCellos1789 clocks in at 90 proof and is available online at their website.

Tasting Notes

  •  ABV: 45%.
  • Color: Amber with rose hues.
  • Aroma: Corn forward, with autumn scents on the back end.
  • Taste: Strong, with warm spice and subtle flavors.

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