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Central Standard Distillery Has Two New Ready Made, Bottled Bourbon Cocktails

New cocktail flavors highlight one distillery’s premium cocktail drink line expansion.

Central Standard Craft Distillery Owners Pat McQuillan, Evan Hughes and Jim Kanter recently announced the expansion of their Pour Ready Premium Cocktail line.

They are the Red Cabin Lemon Honey Bourbon Smash and Red Cabin Peach Bourbon Smash. They join a cherry vodka lemonade and cherry vodka mule in the lineup.

Central Standard Bourbon RTDs
New cocktail flavors highlight one distillery’s premium cocktail drink line expansion. (image via Central Standard)

In a prepared statement from Central Standard, founder McQuillan said these mixed drinks were designed to eliminate “the hassle of mixing the drinks yourself. There’s no peeling, measuring or shaking required, just pour … over ice for the perfect cocktail every pour.”

“For us, it all boils down to our tagline of ‘craft, convenient and cooler ready,’” Kanter said, in the statement. “It’s like having a bartender in each bottle.”

The two new Pour Ready Premium Cocktails, which clock in at 15% ABV, are available now on retail shelves. All the ready-made cocktails come in unbreakable 750mL and 1.75L bottles.

Central Standard Craft Distillery, founded in 2014, is located in Milwaukee and is one of Wisconsin’s largest distillers. They make bourbon, whiskey, vodka and gin from locally-sourced ingredients.

Central Standard undertook a multi-million-dollar project that transformed a formerly vacant three-story, 11,700-square-foot building in downtown Milwaukee into Central Standard’s new Crafthouse & Kitchen.

The distillery’s home also features a tasting room, tour operation, restaurant, private-events space and rooftop patio. The renovated building, which dates back to 1874, houses a 100-gallon pot still that will produce all spirits served and sold on site.

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